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07.23.2014 / 0 Comment
Over the last two months, three announcements have been made that have the potential to have significant impact on the skill level of the manufacturing workforce in America for the foreseeable future... more
06.10.2014 / 0 Comment
If manufacturing wants to attract young people, it had best keep up with their technological expectations.
05.11.2014 / 0 Comment
Some solutions are just too simple! If we want our kids to choose science, technology, engineering, math or manufacturing careers (STEMM), we need to expose them so that they understand why.
03.05.2014 / 0 Comment
Is being "educated" a goal in itself, or should college actually lead to a family-sustaining career?
01.26.2014 / 0 Comment
Jobs that will become available as the economy recovers will not be the same jobs that were lost when the economy declined.
01.21.2014 / 0 Comment
Recent federal grants in excess of half a billion dollars have gone out to schools and community colleges across the United States in support of technology programs for manufacturing.
11.15.2013 / 0 Comment
Additive manufacturing is a disruptive, game changing technology, much as was the personal computer in an era of big IBM mainframes and Digital Equipment Corporation mini-computers.
10.22.2013 / 0 Comment
For the last several years, when manufacturers gather to discuss issues of concern, the dwindling skilled workforce has repeatedly been at the top of the list. The workforce issues haven't yet been solved, but recent evidence suggests that the Affordable Care Act is now the top concern, not only among manufacturers, but other businesses as well.
09.24.2013 / 0 Comment

Keith Campbell's first look at new technology from two companies, Universal Robotics and Rethink Robotics. These companies are taking a completely different approach to robotics, offering units that are inexpensive, flexible, adaptable, and easily retrained. Will they work in packaging?

07.29.2013 / 0 Comment
As I think about the future of packaging operations and manufacturing in general, I think that the introduction of social media to the factory floor could be the most significant stimulus for change over the next decade.
06.27.2013 / 0 Comment
Shop floor data security was a topic at The Automation Conference held last month with security expert Eric Byres of Tofino Security sharing his experiences and the results of government studies on the topic.
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